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What is eKlima?

eKlima is a web portal which gives free access to the climate database of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, for all. The climate database contains data from all present and past weather stations of the Norwegian Meteorological institute, as well as data from other institutions (owners) that are allowed distributed. From eKlima you can pick out simple lists or sophisticated analysis and you decide how the reports will look like.
Photo: Bjarne Fosmo (1970)

Examples of reports

FAQ - Questions and Answers.

How to get started.
How to use eKlima.
FAQ - Questions and Answers.
How can data and products from eKlima be used and redistributed?
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2018.09.05 - eKlima will be unavailable ca. 1-2 hours Wednesday 5. September from 08:00 (GMT).

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